Best Place to Buy Gold Coins

What is the Best Place to Buy Gold Coins?

You have made a very wise decision to first check out the reviews of companies from where you want to buy gold. With so many options available, and so many people/companies fighting for your attention and money, it’s easy to get confused.

When it comes to investing in gold, having the right advice is very essential. Not everyone has your best interest in their mind. Not everyone is going to give you the best value for your money. And not everyone is legitimate. There are many sellers on eBay and other eCommerce sites claiming their gold is real, but if you look at their “too good to be true” offer, you will quickly realize that something is fishy. And you would be right. Many of these sellers don’t have any history and don’t even have a street address. They are probably operating from their garage and chances are your gold will never arrive, or if they do arrive, they will be fake gold.

That’s why it is important to look up the reviews to determine what the best place to buy gold coins is. And the aim of this site is to point you in the right direction. We will not only reveal all the trusted and legitimate places from where you can buy gold coins without getting ripped-off, but we will also review some of the top companies and give you the pros and cons of each.

You can either buy gold offline from shops or you can buy it online. There are pros and cons of both and we will discuss those in this page.

Buying gold offline from shops

One of the best ways to buy gold is buying it the way we humans have been buying for thousands of years. Just walk in to a local gold shop and buy it. However, this might not be the best option for you. Read about the pros and cons of buying gold from local gold shop.

Pros of local gold shop

  • You can physically examine the gold before buying: This is an important factor for many people. To be able to hold the gold coin or bar and examine whether the claim of the salesman is genuine or he is just playing his sales game is a big advantage which you will not have when you buy gold online.
  • Less chances of getting ripped off: If it is a local shop chances are it will not disappear overnight like some online websites. In addition, it is not easy to come up with a phony local shop overnight. So, chances of you being fooled are substantially less than shopping online.
  • No shipping cost: As soon as you buy your gold coin or bar, you just get it by hand. There is no shipping to be done. Consequently, there is no security or shipping insurance to worry about.
  • No storing hassle: You take the gold to your house and store it in a safe place. Although, you can have third-party secure storage even when you buy gold offline, it is not typically done.

Cons of local gold shop

  • Price: The price is usually higher in local shop compared to online stores. You will pay typically $20+ more per ounce when you buy from local shop. This is because local shops have significant overhead and limited reach which reflects on the price of commodity they are selling. When it comes to online stores, they have comparatively lower overhead and wider reach which allows them to offer much better prices.
  • Convenience: You may have to travel to the market of your city or even to another city to access a local gold shop. Compare this to the ease of online shopping; you can explore the different gold coins and bars, read more about them, research them and in fact complete the entire purchase from the comfort of your own house.
  • Selection: This is one of the most important reasons why the editors of this website prefer online stores. Local gold shops have very limited variety. Compare this to the vast selection of gold coins and bars available in online stores, and it is easy to see why we prefer to purchase our gold coins online.

Reading the above pros and cons of buying gold from local stores, you may be in a dilemma: although it is better to buy gold coins online, who can you trust? How do you buy gold online without getting ripped off? How can you take advantage of the pros of online gold buying without having to deal with the disadvantages?

Short answer: Don’t worry, we have you covered :)

This is where we come in. In the rest of this page, we have taken several trusted online gold dealers and completely analyzed them. To begin with, we only selected those online stores that meet our rigorous criteria’s below:

  • They must be BBB Accredited: Better Business Bureau is a non-profit non-affiliated organization that reviews business and gives accreditation based on its accreditation standards which includes trust, operational for over a year, government licensing verification, honesty and transparency, good customer review and quick resolve of customer complaints and customer privacy and integrity safeguard.
  • They must have a good Business Consumer Alliance rating: Business Consumer Alliance offers complete business research solution to consumers. It rates business based on a variety of factors such as customer complaints, competency, government licensing, industry trends etc.
  • They must have a high score and good customer review in TrustLink: TrustLink offers consumers a platform to share their experiences about a particular business and share how their services are, whether they have outstanding services or they are terrible and unethical.

These 3 conditions very effectively filter out all the overnight scammers and the eBay con artists. But we don’t stop there. We take all the companies that meet the above conditions and analyze them further to find out which one is the most suitable for you.

#1 Regal Assets

Regal Assets easily gets #1 ranking for the sole reason that they are customer focused. Unlike other companies, Regal Assets will not try to trick you into investing in more expensive gold coins. Rather, their sales rep will work with you, and based on your budged advice you what is the best gold coins for you, at your budget.

Official Website of Regal Assets:


Apmex is another trusted company you can deal with confidently. Their biggest edge over others is their wide collection. APMEX also carries a diverse selection of gold bars, gold shot, and gold ingots and it doesn’t matter what your taste is, you will definitely find something to suit your desires.

Official website of Apmex is:

 #3 USA Gold

This is another trusted company you can deal with online, without worrying about being ripped off. It has a gold star certificate from BBB and a A+ rating.

Official website of USA Gold is: